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BA-13 Premium Bidet System

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Coway Premium Bidet System

Model No. BA-13
Features: 3 Stage Cleaning System with Remote control + Water Stream System

3 Stage Cleaning System - Water Path Cleaning, Nozzle Cleaning and Toilet Bowl Cleaning with Remote Control. Stainless Nozzle for improved Hygiene. Wide Water Stream System + Air, 

Multiple Functions of Cleaning for User. Soft to Powerful - Your Choice. 

Energy Saving System for Hotwater + IPX5 Waterproof level for safe use

*Purchase Option available for $849
Tax is not included ACH/CCR Rate


Water Filtration
Feed Water Pressure 14.5 psi ~ 100 psi (0.1 Mpa ~ 0.7 Mpa)
Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater)|Rear cleansing 1 minute, Max. 0.13gal/min (0.5ℓ/min), Self-cleaning nozzle
Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater)|Front cleansing 1 minute, Max. 0.13gal/min (0.5ℓ/min), Self-cleaning nozzle
Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater)|Water Pressure 3 levels
Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater)|Water temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H,)
Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater)|Power (heat) 1250 W
Air dryer device|Air temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H)
Air dryer device|Operate time 2 minutes
Air dryer device|Power consumption (dryer) 180 W
Heated seat|Seat temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H)
Heated seat|Power consumption (Heater) 60W
Filtration Mesh filter
Other functions Stainless steel twin nozzle, Nozzle position adjustment, Move, Air+ water stream, Eco mode, (Wide, Deodorization, : BA13-B only)
Safety devices Bimetal, Temperature sensor, Temperature fuse, micro switch
Control type Remote control
Feed water temperature 41 ℉ ~ 104 ℉ (5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃)
Dimensions (W X D X H)|Round 15 X 19.4 X 5.7 inch (382 X 493 X 144 mm) (BA13-AR/BR)
Dimensions (W X D X H)|Elongate 15 X 20.8 X 5.7 inch (382 X 528 X 144 mm) (BA13-AE/BE)
Net Weight|Round 13.2 ℓb (6 kg) (BA13-AR/BR)
Net Weight|Elongate 14.3 ℓb (6.5 kg) (BA13-AE/BE)
Placing an Order & Installation

How to Place an Order Rent or Purchase a Coway Product. To place an order, you can submit the "Order Form" online or Contact us directly at 201-482-4011 or Email us at with subject line: Order Submission

Once your order form is submitted, We will contact you within 24 hours to verify information, answer any questions you may have and finalize and submit your order for Installation service. Please Note: Credit Card is required to complete your order. You will not be charged. Your first month bill will be due on your second month billing cycle.

Installation After successfully placing your order with us, Coway Installation Specialist will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your Installation date and time. On the day of your installation, the Coway Installation Speciliast will go over your contract, payment/billing & product details, and answer any questions you may have. Once the contract is signed and completed, You are All-Set! Enjoy your Coway product.

* All rental agreements have a One Time Registration Fee of $100.00

* At the end of your contract, your Coway Rental product must be returned. You can choose to renew your product or rent a new Coway Product. If you are moving to any of Coway's Covered Cities, take your product with you and your local Coway team will continue to service and assist you throughout your rental term. To view Coway Covered Cities, Click the "Covered Cities" Tab Please Contact us for more information, promotions and questions!

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